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Dec 15 2011

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I finally done it, I took the plunge and decided to finally get myself on the web using WordPress as my blogging platform.

I always wanted to do one and dibbled and dabbled in WordPress, but this is my serious attempt at creating a website using it, I have to say i’ve rather enjoyed it, the design is probably not the most imaginative you’ll ever get to see, but for my first attempt I thought I’d create a pleasing look and feel whilst trying to use the latest in web coding developments.

This site is using HTML5, CSS3 with a touch of JQuery and then pulling this all together into my customised wordpress theme.

As to testing the site, I’ve tried to get it to work in all decent modern browsers, anything from IE7 onwards and it should work. 🙂

My next plan is to actually get blogging, improve the existing functionality of this theme, creating a mobile themed look and in the new year concentrate on a new design building on this theme’s functionality.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to see u again soon, in the mean time I have given my own phone a review, check it out and let me know what u think. 🙂

The article is at http://harshadpatel.wordpress//blog/apple-iphone-4s/

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